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Conflict Mediation is dedicated to strategic community relationships to curate services which address needs across every spectrum, in communities impacted by violence. These strategic partnership brings together a collective of experts and grassroots community organizations along with stakeholders, to provide a swift, coordinated response to the immediate crisis, while minimizing the impacts of future events through prevention and preparedness methods.

Through our collective approach, we will tap into the unique needs and characteristics of the community we collectively serve, using non-traditional methods to promote successful, sustainable growth and development on every level through conflict resolution and restorative justice.

Robert L. Muhammad

A nationally-recognized and highly respected community figure, Robert L Muhammad has been at the forefront of reducing youth and community violence in Central Texas for nearly 30 years.

In addition, Robert is committed to education, serving the unique academic and cultural needs of our children as an elementary school assistant superintendent. Brother Robert’s presence in the community as an organizer and motivational speaker is steadfast as he is always involved in the community fighting for justice, mediating and mobilizing our people for self-reliance.


Because of his commitment and dedication, Brother Robert has been called upon to address various entities; including, schools, prisons, churches, mosques and community organizations. Family is the cornerstone of Brother Robert’s success. He has been happily married for 25 years and is the father of four


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