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Conflict resolution is the process by which two or more parties engaged in a disagreement, dispute, or debate reach an agreement resolving it.

Resolve – to settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)

How  Mediation Works


Step 1 – Receiving the initial call:

We will publish a dedicated phone line to receive incoming requests for assistance. Calls will be answered live for immediate attention.

Step 2 – Face to Face:

From the initial call we obtain the basic data. The data is submitted to the Mediation Team for followup action. An initial face-to-face meeting is scheduled with the individual to discover/understand the nature of the conflict. The goal is to obtain as many details as possible. Mediators are dispatched in a team to conduct the initial meeting.

Step 3 – Reaching Out:

Step 4 – Finding a Solution:

The Mediation Team arranges a meeting to bring all parties together. The meeting begins with an explanation of the purpose and intended outcomes, along with the establishment of ground rules governing the process. Once the discussion begins, each party has a chance to explain their issue.


Using data gathered during the fact-finding process, mediators listen with the objective of finding workable solutions to the conflict. These and other solutions are evaluated by the total group with emphasis on the beneficial nature of resolving the problem.


In the event that a full agreement to “squash the beef” (end the conflict) is not completely reached, the team strongly encourages each party to reconsider and remain open to the possibility of returning to the table for a future meeting. A standard security procedure will be enforced to handle the end and departing of all meetings.

 *Note:  The Conflict Mediation Process, to review additional mediation steps if party or parties do not want to come to a sit down.

Step 5 – Providing Follow-up:

All mediation sessions will receive follow-up to monitor progress. This follow-up may include additional sessions if necessary

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